Nike the Greek Victory Goddess Medallion Bracelet by Whispering Goddess

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In ancient Greece, Nike was the Goddess of Victory,  Speed and Strength. A winged Goddess, these attributes allowed her to mediate and deliver messages between the Gods and Humankind.  She appears here carrying a palm branch and a wreath as signs of Victory and Peace.   A symbol of success and determination, her prescence refers to success  in all undertakings.  

In Rome, where Nike was called Victoria, she came to be regarded as the protecting goddess of the Senate and her statue in the Curia Julia was the cause of the final combat between Christianity and Paganism toward the end of the 4th century.  Her winged image was adapted into art throughout the ages and can be be recognized as the angels we know today. 

On the back of the medal is Hercules as an agent of light battling the forces of  dark.  The medal is cast in Sterling Silver using the lost wax method from an original WW1 Greek Victory Medal.  We find the emergence of Nike at this time remarkable as it was originally issued in 1918 during the Spanish Flu pandemic. 

Please note this is an 8 inch bracelet. If you need a smaller size, just notate it and we can customize it before it ships.    Just notate it at checkout in the message box.  Made of Pewter (for lightness) and dipped in 22KT Gold Silver.


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