French Kande Midnight Mix Triple Strand Daadler Medallion Bracelet

French Kande

French Kande's Midnight Mix with Daadler Medallion  When you reach a certain age, you realize life is a series of tests, each one calling for a bit more wisdom and a bit more courage. We feel the lion symbolizes courage in the face of adversity and as a reminder of a womans innate ability lead with a kind heart. In the boardroom or with blue jeans, let your braveheart lead the way.

Shown in Midnight Mix, it can be ordered in any French Kande gemstone. bracelet features features three, seven inch strands of hand curated Midnight Mix of Black Jasper, Pyrite, Labradorite. Each piece of French Kande is handmade in Los Angeles by Californian artisans. 

 Bracelet Length: 7 3/4”

• Stone Size: 10 mm

• Cabochon Color: Pyrite

• Brass Plated





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