Carmen Fleury Cross Cable Necklace Set by Whispering Goddess - Silver

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The Carmen Fleury Cross Necklace Set includes the Carmen Fleury Cross and Earrings. The design is simple yet beautiful, rustic yet refined.  It's design is a variation of the Heraldic Crosses that developed throughout Europe and the Byzantine Empire during Medieval Times.  The arms of the cross form have a stylized Fleur de Lis representing the Trinity and the Madonna.   Also available with the matching earrings shown, click here to see those.    

The cross is approximately 2" and the chain available in 18, 28 or 36" lengths (or any length by custom order). We recommend 36" if you want to double it.  The chain is double cable with 8mm links. We LOVE it!  The 36" length can be doubled for layering or worn long.  If you need a special size, just notate it in the checkout field.  

 Whispering Goddess Jewelry is made in Wellfleet Massachusetts on Cape Cod.