Anam Cara House Spiritual Retreat Center

January 08, 2017

                                                     Anam Cara House                
I am excited to announce the establishment Anam Cara, a retreat center on a  property I own on Cape Cod. Anam Cara is Gaelic for Soul Friend and  this welcoming home has been in my family for 70 years.   Anam Cara hosts non-denominational retreats and workshops on a wide variety of spiritual and personal growth topics. My path has been circuitous, but was always leading me home while I walked and grew in preparation for the execution of this vision.  As a Certified Gestalt Coach, in addition to group workshops, I offer private coaching at Anam Cara and by Skype and phone if you are far away. Or  come visit the Cape, walk the ocean, meditate, pray  and discover your soul mission. It's pretty clear that I have discovered mine!  

Pictured is the labarynth at Chartres Cathedral. Plans for an labarynth at Anam Cara are underway.