About the Saint Benedict Medal......

by Ginny Parker November 06, 2018

Recently a client called because she had lost her Virgins, Saints & Angels San Benito necklace and had also found herself in a tumultuous time regarding family health and harmony.  She called late one Saturday night and I picked up the business line even though we were closed for the evening - there was even urgency in the ring of the phone. We spoke for quite some time, she asked about the meaning of the Saint Benedict Medal that is the focal point on so many VSA pieces.  I'm always cautious talking about the Saint Benedict medal, first trying to understand how much a person really wants or needs to know from me about it and often referring them to the Benedictine website to further their research.  I explain it is a symbol for Peace as indicated by PAX at the top of the medal and that the letters surrounding the cross are a Latin prayer invoking protection. 

In this case, my general

Ginny Parker
Ginny Parker


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